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This is viper2 original mod
There are no trojans here, and there cannot be, the archive includes a mod that contains models, textures, and definition files, and they cannot contain viruses!
on Volvo VNL 2019
2 years ago
@Charly I didn’t say what Galimim called 2019! I said that he called 2018 V1 and 2018 V2, Initially these models were created by Frank Peru and called 2018 and 2019 and Galimim model 2019 was renamed 2018 V2. I just know the history of the creation of these models from the appearance of the first model from Frank Peru !!! Galimim did not create these models, he supports them, but created Frank Peru !! How stupid you are, and still trying to argue, not knowing anything about the history of creation !!! Here visit this page of the site of the creator of these models, he also created the International LT and Mack CHU613 and other models. And on this page press ctrl + F and paste VOLVO_VNL_GLOBETROTTER (2019) and you will find not existing model 2019
on Volvo VNL 2019
2 years ago
@Charly Frank Peru created two models of the Volvo VNL 2018 truck and later Volvo VNL 2019 then Galimim began to support them and he called the 2019 model V2 and the 2018 V1 model and at first he supported both models, but later he stopped supporting the V1 model, that is, VNL 2018 and now only supports V2 which was called Volvo VNL 2019, you do not know the history of these models, and what they were called, so you shouldn't call me stupid.
on Southern Region
3 months ago

@Kevin Jessop Yes, now the map is optimized, now one file.

on RusMap
9 months ago
Scandinavia, Baltic, Black sea DLC
on Southern Region
3 months ago

@George Previously, this map could not fit one file due to the fact that its size was 4 - 6 gigabytes, and now 1.34 is also optimization, optimization of files and size.

For 1.39. Coast to Coast Map v2.11.9 (1.39)
on Volvo VNL 2019
1 year ago
Initially, this truck made Frank Peru and he made two versions, one 2018 Other 2019, Galimim began to support both versions, but renamed both VNL2018 1 and VNL2018 2 later, he refused to support one of the versions called Frank Peru 2018 and continued to support only one which Frank Peru was called 2019 and he has 2018 2
Move file to the MOD folder and connect to the mod manager without unpacking.