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Today I will be announcing that I will quit Modland! It was fun here but I developed other goals and interests! Thx for all your support!
Next Update coming out on friday! Its going to be a good one! Also thank you so much for 28k downloads. :)
I could try. It is really hard to do that thought. Since the car is just a big mesh, it is really hard to edit... I will try my best non the less!
!!! IMPORTANT !!! Thank you all soo much for 5k downloads! To celebrate, an update to this mod will release soon!
Thank you guys sooo much for 10.000 downloads! That is almost the same amount of people that live in the country of Nauru, which is incredible! I will continue trying to improve this mod as much as I can. And with that beeing said: Road to 15.000 downloads?
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1 year ago
Don't re-upload my mods. Or you know what? If someone downloads this, it is honestly their fault. This will prob. never get an update again, lol.
Thank you for over 20.000 downloads! Sorry for beeing inactive lately! Update will come out this week :)
Just posted an update! =)
Yes, this mod has PBR Textures :)
Yes, there is!