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If not you i would just download the mod without knowing its bootleg. Thx

Mod is made By NET_NUKA [Firby]. You should update the description

If you find a good mod that you want me to upload. Message me! (I wont be stealing mods tho.)

I enjoy people that actually try to find decent mods not just slap a fricking mclaren on top of a 200bx. Thank you for being one of these people that actually try

The Zephyr wont get released. Deal with it. All of these leaked ones are fake!

while* goddamnit typo

@Volga why so toxic? Man i just made one mistake and you just instantly call me names

kinda sus that it spawns with mclaren lights and a mclaren spoiler. Also sus that it has sbr4 nodes. HMM

Rear wheels break at high speed