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Small mod developer making mods for the BeamNG website and ModLand website.

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2017 Kia Stinger
2017 Kia Stinger 1.0
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on 2017 Kia Stinger
1 year ago
Thank you so much, I love these comments!
Why is it paid? Maybe because I've spent around 24 hours of my own personal time to make a mod. You aren't entitled to this mod so I can make it cost as much as I want. I want it to be affordable though so most people can still get it. Leaking mods isn't acceptable and they will just be removed.
No problem! So glad I could help so many people out!
Thank you so much!
on Best nissan mods pack
11 months ago
@scatty_2 I have a great PBR tutorial on my profile if you ever want to know how to permanently convert a car to PBR. :)
Only $5 because I don't want to make expensive mods. I just need some money to buy food 😂
on Dansworth D2500
11 months ago
Thanks dude. :)
on 2017 Kia Stinger
1 year ago
Thanks! Hopefully he understands reuploading isn’t cool.
on 2017 Kia Stinger
1 year ago
on 2017 Kia Stinger
1 year ago
I've just finished fixing up and finishing the Audi S4 B5 mod and it should be uploaded on here within a few hours. Hopefully you like it, I certainly love it!