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on Improved Trains
1 year ago
Thank you for the Using and Sharing my work :)
on Improved Trains
1 year ago
Version without Steam, Only in Steam )))
you can find it in SCS forum
for everyone who bought the mod (donated) technical support in case of game crashes (conflicts with other mods) will be provided in full, my personal contacts will be sent in an email confirming the purchase (donation) I also plan to be able to update versions of the mod for free, for those who bought it once. donation is voluntary as there is a free version of the mod On this site
game always crashes by like you. lamer. learn to use mods with the versions for which they are intended,
All my other mods are obsolete and i don't care about bully
long trains addon are now a very specific add-on that consumes a lot of resources, is no longer compatible with any traffic density mods and includes new experimental features. I would recommend that you add new versions gradually. at first just the main mod and compare the performance. no need to enable all published addons at the same time. each addon was created for its own groups of players and they should not be combined with each other
@tantalus No one forces you to install this particular addon. for you there is an addon Short trains (20-30 wagons). use it.
One stupid person adds Dislike every day, so that it seems that many people put dislike))
1 year ago
thanks. but this is a different, new mod with a different model and logistics