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on Krone Big M500
6 years ago

"The tractor itself is moving forward 192 km / h and back to 50 KM / H" So you have ruined a otherwise good mod with your unrealistic settings, good job idiot.

It was brought to my attention that there is a issue with the Bruks 3pt version in my pack, the attacher joint node is not set properly for a 3pt connection. I am sorry, it slipped though testing. It will be fixed shortly.

on Ropa Euro Tiger V8 3
6 years ago

Does this work properly with V1.4.1 of the game? Last Ropa gear I had caused all vehicles to disappear after saving the game.

@Your Name (Guest) He did not steal anything you retard.... He simply shared the mod like everyone else does. Proper credits where listed and he is not one of them. So, do us all a favor, go grab a dictionary and look up the word stealing.

There is already placeable heaps out there, and you can add any of those items to the xml on your own. It only takes a minute to do.

@gr4p3k1lla the legs do go up. You have to get out of the truck and use the hydraulic levers on the side.

Its better then the original LOL. Thats ok tho, Not everyone like dyeable mods.

on Deleted
6 years ago

Nice of you to steal my pics and use, Here is the original with proper credits