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Canadian Production Map v 4.1  8x Season
Canadian Production Map v 4.1 8x Season
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Canadian Production Map V4. 8x Season
Canadian Production Map V4. 8x Season
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for those having problems loading anything on the map, you sale each vehicules and you get 3,000,000, then you pic your favorite mod vehicule and use that money to purchased them. I do that each time cause I know some of them cause problems. I put them there just for that.
on Canadian National
6 years ago
I started the canadian ultimate LS 17 today and finally have those missions working, Thank you for you patience, this is a new version and many things to understand in order to get everythings to work properly. Thank you for your support!
on Canadian Village Map
5 years ago
I moved down the waterplane to make the last pda map. I forgot to replace it. I will wait to see if there is something else and upload another one. thank you.
you have to start because I had to remove one field to install breeding animals, that missing field will stop the map from playing. milk from breeding animals is sold automatically even if stop milk mod is installed.
To allow larger fields to be created I have removed all secondary road, great idea, thank you!
where do you want me to upload it ?
that was the only problem. keep the other one there.
Mods for the map to run properly: First animation map trigger and this one I forgot to include, it will cause your greenhouse tanks not to show. As far as vehicules you need Kotte_Universal_Pack for all mods on the map that requires fluids ex: fuel , water, milk ect. Scania_pezzaiolitransport for animals transport works fine, And of corse those included. That's it.
i'll be right on it.
To Eoilis , There will less trees on the next one, less than half, hopefully that will work for you.