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At least Rene Nate gives away his spoils. you steal and sell. which is even lower.




We're not going to do anything you say. We've got you all tracked down. You like to steal and play heroes. We're not going to do anything.but soon we will find all of you and we already have all your emails to apply the takedown..and just to inform you we have all the registered rights to make our model you can say everything you want but you are nothing more than a thief of mods soon we will find you since you share the mods that are for damn pay

@mrjg098 no sorry i don't have those.

@BOB what do you have?

@Keith Games  FLX ?

on W990-HiRise
1 month ago

@YanRed It seems when some so called modders (Harven) take others mods and edit them (without permission) its ok, but when others do it  (Shaneke, Rene)its theft and they are called all sorts. Harvens Original FLB was worked on by many people, ow only he takes credit for it. On the flip side, there are others who take mods like the Viper 389, make changes to it add a tonne fo stuff and its their own truck. and are hailed for it. Others who take abondened mods, make changes to them add a tonne of stuff and release for free are called all sorts.

on W990-HiRise
1 month ago

@guest  Yes it is working just fine.

look in the initial tab to get parts 1 2 3 and 4.

version 9 chassis are better than the version 11 ones.

thank you for this upload.