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on Ford EGGcursion
1 year ago
If you dislike this then u a easter scrooge
on Ford EGGcursion
1 year ago
I cant fix stupid, if u cant use 5% of your brain to look at download link and see its free then your helpless :facepalm:
Excuse me? Theres not a single mod on my patreon that i didnt make myself man. I own crown concepts and spoolin diesel designs dingus
on Ford EGGcursion
1 year ago
shows me how little automotive knowledge you have when you spell diesel "deiseal" when your looking right at my username with it spelt correctly
Only leaker here is you look at your mods... lol 2fasts f150... thats low asf
on Porsche Carrera GT
8 months ago

If this mod had proper deform id say it would be the perfect Paul Walker roleplay vehicle.

Guys remember this is only on my vip tier. It is not on any of the other tiers since it is a premium mod.
I actually cant post the suspension because is a modified version of toms sema lift and tom doesn't want me posting it. If i learn how to mod suspension correctly ill make one and post it but for now its a personal mod only i have
So at this point i hope you all understand that i make private mods so the few people that comment on all my posts complaining when they dont own it are crazy. If anyone has any issues with any of the mods please reach out to me on patreon or discord and i can walk you through any fixes or answers questions. To all my supporters i thank you and i hope you enjoy the truck, i have a 2020 denali in the works so stay tuned for that :)