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I know couple of guys that still playing oin 1.36 and lower patches because of maps(For example Dalton map Summer version still remains only on 1.36). Somebody probaly like old sound system which is better and easier to tweak as sound files. There is lot of reasons why people would like to stay on 1.36. Nobody forces you to do so too, so just pass by and look for actual patches and mods.
There will be version for ATS 1.39 too. Watch ATS thread.
Extract that rar file(archive) to your mod folder(with freeware 7-zip for example). There is inner a zip/scs file.
on Scania 111s for ATS
5 years ago
p.s. tested on v.1.6.x.
Note 2: May not be compatible with regular International Workstar truck from Cartruck or Cyrus to use on the same profile. Solution - use this mod on profile that is not containing regular International Workstar truck.
>@sumguy Tested on clean and default profile all engines with no other trucks and sound mods activated and there is sound for every engine! There are two solutions for your problem - 1) put this mod above other truck mods , 2) disable additional engine sound packs if they are activated in mod manager.
P.S. Forget to add - BUY IN VOLVO DEALER.
Alex А чё те там с калёсами? У меня всё норм. Насчёт тестировал, да тестировал на всех доступных картах. Проблем не было. Я не автор я просто "подкрутил" ее для ATS добавил один движок и одну коробку. Так что если есть какие то претензии с калёсами то это не ко мне.
On betas try at your own risk! I don' play and test betas! On it works well.