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Hi Welcome to my Profile, There used to be more text here than now if you want to read it, you can just look back in web archive or something, no idea. Hey, enjoy driving my cars.



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on Porsche 911 992
1 month ago

Sad mate that you take the mods from Twixers.

on BMW M5 2013
11 months ago

@maik i hate paid mods :)

HAHA this is not even an paid mod.. i have this mod for free on my pc.. and this guy think he is going to earn money from this.. omg... this is not even his mod hahaha.

on Nissan GT-R
10 months ago

@ama4n Yeah i make changes. and not 34 i made on this mod 3 changes.

on BMW M5 2013
11 months ago

i love free mods too :D

on Volvo S60
1 year ago

always paid ha? when free mods lol and i just want to pay but 11 dollar crazyyyy

not bad mate.

on BMW X6 Competition 2019
11 months ago

LOL? Where i say that this is my mod OMG