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If the mod hadn't been leaked, they would have gotten it for free. If you download a hacked game, obviously you won't get updates.
@scatty_2 If people didn't like my mods, they wouldn't buy them otherwise they would write that they are terrible, but no one has complained yet.Also, if after the first purchase they continued to buy others, then they like what I do.
@scatty_2 I don't care if anyone buys a Jeep or not. And imagine people want money for the time spent and the work it can be completely different. And the fool in this case is rather you, since you devalue my work when you merge mods.
@scatty_2 So I didn't put pressure on pity, it's just that you're an egoist who got easy money and throws it around to get the glory of small children, it's just funny to me.
@scatty_2 It's funny to me because you're really sitting and looking for paid ones to buy them and then merge them into your discord channel or directly to sites with mods, and not just enjoying the game and doing your own thing.
Wtf man? You're passing off my mod as your own
This mod is made by me personally so it's not fake
If the mod had not been leaked, then everyone who bought it would have received updates
Yes, only games are made for mass sale. And mods for partial sales. And if you put the price lower, they will be immediately merged by the adherents of the drainers
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