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Preview of World of Tanks in 2020

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uploaded 2020-03-17 18:54:25, by Admin

Free to play from anywhere on the planet, the World of Tanks has become a huge entertainment thriller in its own rights. The best part of it about this highly nerve rattling world war action packed game is that its followers have only grown over the years. Since its launch on the year 2010 the World of Tanks has been a big hit among its more than 180 million registered players and it is said that as many as 500 battle hungry vehicles are fighting it out in the terrains as varied as rugged, woody, desert-like to mountains.

It is the tenth anniversary of the game and 2020 has a few surprises in store for its hard core players. Your devotion to the World War II era tanks and vehicles would remain yet there may be few changes in other things including crews and gears so as to make the whole game even more engrossing. Undoubtedly, you still have the same tank types like light tank, medium tank, heavy tank and tank destroyer. You also have 70 and more maps as well as 5 battles like random, command, training, battles in fortified areas and also clan battles.


Achievement of the Game

The game’s basic concept is surely one of the reasons why players had stuck to it for such a long time. The World War era tanks have become a legend kind of things in the minds of people and surely this is also one its strengths. It takes you to the crudest and wildest battle field and being multiplayer you have challenges to thwart enemy advancement as well as to fire and destroy enemy tanks.

You will find that the developers of the game have retained the challenge and allowed players to evolve through the games. They literally push you to gain enough experience on the go and prompt you to go for more module purchases so as to able to push into enemy’s position with confidence.

You will therefore find that upgrading is an integral part of the game. When you upgrade vide modules you will find that each unit is unique. This means each of the unit has different set of armor, equipments and crews. All modules are also interchangeable. You may upgrade your unit with module although for premium you may need not just in-game currency, but plenty of gold and bonds.

It is only by upgrading that you can fortify your tank as well as crew to next levels of battle.


Advantage through Tank Gear

You are bound to have a few advantages if you select your vehicle gear carefully. Understandably, there will be little credits when you start the game. Hence, you must make your move properly while planning to have a set of gear too. In fact, your vehicle may not have much gear mounted on it. So, you may choose to have simple or standard gear, complex gear or improved equipments. It is seen that when you reach level 5 of the game you are able to collect good deal of credits. Besides, the game offers 50% discount for promotions. Also, you can make the best by removing gear from the tanks before selling them. You may also take out some gears before hand and able to save money by refitting them in another vehicle.

These are the edges that you may still count upon while playing in the year 2020.


Latest Addition to 2020 World of Tanks

The game in the year 2020 that is also its anniversary will have new set of additions. There will be a fundamental change in crew set up. The 2.0 crew would have common progression and they will be able to interact with you in a better way than you did with tankers earlier. The perk system has been updated to contain around 25 perks.

You will also be able to change commander’s directions and the way the crew has to be configured. In this instance you may train new crews with the existing ones too. Further, you may find the features of the age old equipments changing and hence you can enjoy a better game.

Overall you will find a better balance with definite improvements in the SPG vehicles and shells. Again, the mechanics too would be better and so also overall handling of the tanks. This game is indeed worthy of celebration.


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