Lamborghini Huracan 3.0

10 months ago
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latest Version 3.0 · Lamborghini Huracan + HYCADE Design · 0.27.x 6 months ago
This is a Lamborghini Huracan from BBMods!
High-quality mod includes:

πŸ’₯1. Working 4 airbags.
πŸ’₯2. Excellent 3D Model edited by us.
πŸ’₯3. Good crash physics.
πŸ’₯4. Edited 100% Jbaem(Fixed in 2.0)
πŸ’₯5. RBR Textures(Fixed in 2.0)
πŸ’₯6. Its 3 types of wheels.
πŸ’₯7. Working dashboard, navigator and steering wheel.
πŸ’₯8. Butterfly doors.
πŸ’₯9. Adaptive suspension.
πŸ’₯10. Its 8 skins for the car.
πŸ’₯11. More than 25 configurations
πŸ’₯12. Its motor and gearbox (Real characteristics)
πŸ’₯13. Carbon brakes.

πŸ†˜Update 2.0 brought(Update - Three months ago):πŸ†˜
βœ…1. Fixed chrome, now it works
βœ…2. Fixed optics. Now everything is working correctly.
βœ…3. The 3D model has been modified.
βœ…4. Fixed a bug with the wheel.
βœ…5. Added vehicle numbers.
βœ…6. Removed excess rubber from the selection menu.
βœ…7. Added new skins.
βœ…8. Changing exterior to choose from (Leather and wood)
βœ…9. Added carbon parts for tuning.
βœ…10. Extra gaps have been removed.
βœ…11. Improved Openable
βœ…12. Redesigned car color and textures.
βœ…13. Added 2 types of wheels.
βœ…14. Ruined interior.
βœ…15. Fixed minor bugs.

πŸ†˜New update for Lamborghini Huracan 3.0!(Update: 25.02.2023)πŸ†˜
The update includes:
πŸ’₯1. New body kit - HYCADE Design.
πŸ’₯2. Updated front PBR headlights, + the possibility of tinting them.
πŸ’₯2.1. Updated rear PBR headlights, + the possibility of tinting them.
πŸ’₯3. New wheels have been added.
πŸ’₯4. The possibility of interior coloring according to the second palette has been added.
πŸ’₯5. Glass tinting has been added.
πŸ’₯6. 2 new configurations have been added - Hycade Design, Hycade Design Black.
πŸ’₯7. Added pedals.
πŸ’₯8. Added reflections in the rear-view mirrors.
πŸ’₯9. Added textures of buttons on the steering wheel.

πŸ’₯1. The part of the car under the door was not painted - fixed.
πŸ’₯2. Removed the background from some textures.
πŸ’₯3. Minor bugs fixed.

πŸ’₯1. Remade chrome.
πŸ’₯2. Most textures have been redesigned.
πŸ’₯3. Redesigned glass.
πŸ’₯4. Redesigned texture of the bottom of the car.

Sales Policy:
By purchasing this product, you confirm that you do not acquire any rights to brands and models.
Only a privilege (mod) as a supporter of our work.
It is illegal to obtain or distribute a free copy of this material or to use it on any online servers.
And also, the authors of the mod, and in particular BBM and its creators, do not bear any responsibility for you and your property.
By purchasing this product, you agree that all sales are final. that the transaction is one-sided, that is, the funds will not be refunded to you after the purchase, BUT we have technical support where we will try to resolve your issue.


About Mod

Latest Version 3.0
Category Cars
Game Version 0.27.x
Downloads 44026
Created 10 months ago
Last Updated 6 months ago


NotMCRAFT Member
2 months ago

guys its not worth paying for, its meshlapped on a scintilla

NotMCRAFT Member
2 months ago

@BBMbeamHGMods imagine paying for this L scintilla meshlap mod


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