Mercedes-Benz W140 2.0

5 months ago
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latest Version 2.0 · Mercedes-Benz W140 · 0.27.x 3 weeks ago
This is a Mercedes-Benz W140 from BBM.

A very high quality mod includes:

1. A high-quality 3D model modified by us.
2. Fully own 100% Jbeam.
2.1 Very realistic damage.
2.2 Own 4 airbags and a test dummy.
3. PBR.
4. A large number of materials for interior decoration. Each can be selected individually (For example:Leather, decorative elements, roof upholstery, etc.)
5. A huge amount of additional interior (For example:Bags, odors, weapons, garbage, bags, etc.)
5.1 4 types of bumpers (Brabus, stock, rusty, Race)
5.1 Working: speedometer, steering wheel, pedals.
5.2 4 types of steering wheel.
5.3 2 types of gearshift lever.
6. 4 types of front headlights (restyling and dorestyling)
7. 4 types of taillights (restyling and dorestyling)
8. 4 types of wheels (Brabus, AMG, etc.)
9. Realistic motors and gearbox (have real characteristics, for example, diesel 3.4L OM 603 D 35 LA)
10. More than 20 complete sets (Brabus, AMG, restyling and restyling, rusty,, FBI, etc.)
11. Very soft modified suspension.
12. Worked out its PBR bottom.
13. Well-developed under-hood space.
14. A kind of police paraphernalia.
15. Different music on the siren power buttons.
16. 7 nameplates that automatically change according to the motor.
17. A version with a bomb in the trunk that explodes in a collision.

Update 2.0 adds:
1. New Race body kit.
1.1. New bumpers.
1.2. New headlights.
1.3. Wing extensions.
1.4. New configuration.
2. Updated tinting.
3. All textures are recycled and 100% PBR.
4. Redesigned interior colors. New colors of leather and wood.
5. New Rusty skin and Rusty jbeam
6. Updated headlights.
7. Fixed a bug with door handles.
8. Fixed rubber.
9. Fixed a bug with underwing pads.
10. Minor bugs fixed.

Sales Policy:
By purchasing this product, you confirm that you do not acquire any rights to brands and models.
Only a privilege (mod) as a supporter of our work.
It is illegal to obtain or distribute a free copy of this material or to use it on any online servers.
And also, the authors of the mod, and in particular BBM and its creators, do not bear any responsibility for you and your property.
By purchasing this product, you agree that all sales are final. that the transaction is one-sided, that is, the funds will not be returned to you after the purchase,
BUT we have technical support, where we will try to solve your question.



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