Tank T-80UD - Revamped 1.6

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latest Version 1.6 · General Update · BeamNG.drive 0.25.x 3 months ago
Hi, this is quite a big update to the look of the tank. I added (it seems to me) a more realistic tank color by looking at google photos. I added a few corrections to the model to make it more stable and not explode... If you have any errors, write in the comment. Cya!
The strong versions are actually strong now, not only the projectiles are 2x stronger, the tracks are now 2x stronger. Fixed right track naming somehow I didn't see this XD. Cya

Ty for help Mr.CryingCat
Fixed Strong Ammo, Fixed the clutch a bit, fixed 1 wheel bug. Cya
I noticed an error with the "Arcade" gearbox, the clutch overheats very quickly, I fixed it. The engines got a little more power to start. Cya
Added a new bullet firing sound. The clutch does not overheat that much, but it still happens quite often. I did not add the "Realistic" version because the tank must have a lot of horses in order to drive. But the Base version has a top speed of 76/74 km/h from now on. If you have any bugs, write in the comments! Cya
A new, stronger ammunition has been added as well as 2 new versions. In the next update I will try to fix: Broken clutch, Adding a realistic engine, version. Cya

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