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Forest Map v 2.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2014-08-24 15:09:00, by John Der33

Hello everyone. This is my new map - Forest Map v2. Map based on the Nordeifel v0.98 by Mr818vario (thanks for the permission to edit). It doesn't have any errors in the log. As for the number of buildings and size of the map runs very stably and smoothly. This ma is on the fast and slow compuetrs. 


- 1 large farm 
- Village with pedestrian traffic 
- traffic cars
- 2 biogas
- chickens, sheep, cows 
- Netto shop
- lime mod and manure v2 
- pigs mod
- train station
- train
- 3 sell point (2 at the station and one in the village) 
- place to forest and placeable forest buildnigs
- New plants and textures 
- road signs 
- gates and doors opening to the key (O)
- Orlen petrol station 
- a large machine shop 
- Seed shop and dairies 
- Pitch soccer ball
- alot of fields and hill


1) Mr818vario: for permission to edit 
2) ~ DEVIL ~, kamilek767, Kuba3213: for testing maps 
3) Qbex, kamilek767, Kuki: for the photos
4) Hedszot: for general help 

Required Mods:

1) (manure and lime v2) 
2) (gates open on the key) 

ZeFir, Mr818vario

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uploaded by John Der33
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