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Slurry And Manure Mod V 2.01

Category:  Farming Simulator 2013
Uploaded by:  uploaded by nonSENSE
Date:  2014-08-25 23:36:00
Downloads:  5360 downloads
Size:  File Size: 3.51 MB
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4/5, 12 votes

Some of you already know our manure dung-Mod (1.0), which had its premiere in Oberthal Bach. Have inspired us the LS11er versions and the constant call for this mod However, he is resistant to the LS11er variants slightly different, so the texture surface (manure / dung) is also removed by sowing and harvesting.
Because when sowing combinations of tillage and seed drill, the texture have not been removed (it was only sowing executed), we have included the removal of the sowing.
When harvesting the default is the “fertilized coloring” away on the soil texture. Therefore, a possibly will not remove existing Gülle-/Mist-Textur in this version.
Our knowledge this is the first version available for LS13 published. Possible, there are already private versions, but that benefits the Com unfortunately nothing. And certainly there will be better ways of installation.

Of course you are allowed to use other textures, adjust all entries in the MAP.i3d / modDesc.xml arbitrarily and paste the LUA Cod snippets from the GMM_Reg.lua in another LUA file.

TMT (marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, HatzFan)

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uploaded by nonSENSE
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