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Gamsting v2.0 Chopped Straw Soil Mod

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uploaded 2014-10-21 01:48:32, by John Der33

Hi, here is the updated version v 2.0 of Gamsting map for Farming Simulator 2013!
Now it features Chopped Straw Soil Mod.

Required Mods:
- MapDoorTriger
- MapHoseRefStation
- MapSuperSiloTrigger
- aForestMod
- Krone Turbo 2500, since launch vehicle

Readme is included in downloaded file!

Ersteller der Map: Stefan_LS
Modelle/Texturen/Skripte in der Map: Stefan_LS, Giants Software, Vertex Dezign, BM-Modding, LS-Landtechnik, Desperados93,
NKB-Modding, fruktor, HALOdup1,Heady, Rafftnix, taker, Nick98.1, mailman, Sven77b, Eicher-Fan, Fendtfan 1, iMarwin, Vanilleeis, Lw Farming

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uploaded by John Der33
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