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New Hooland Cr10.90 v 3.2

Rating: 4/5, based on 21 votes
uploaded 2015-10-26 02:00:00, by Guest

Version 3.2:
- Fix header
- Added backtrack for baling tools
- 4x Rotors added on right of Grain tank
- Graintank capacity 92000 tons
- Max speed 60 km/h
- Max harversting speed 25km/h

Last version 3.0:
– x8 Rotors more efficient
– New Holland Header width 20m
– Max harvesting speed increase at 25km/h
– Animated rotors
– Hand animation
– Pto rotors
– Crawler 4×4



New Hooland Cr10.90 v 3.2, 1 photoNew Hooland Cr10.90 v 3.2, 2 photoNew Hooland Cr10.90 v 3.2, 3 photoNew Hooland Cr10.90 v 3.2, 4 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (8)

2015-10-26 03:28:06 Your Name (Guest)
mod has no download site took me to fake site trogan warning
2015-10-26 03:32:54 Farmer580
Fake mod - keylogger trojan site
2015-10-26 13:10:55 Admin
File reuploaded to our site. If there are any problems please report to our email!
2015-10-26 14:16:50 zVoxty (Guest)
I dont have problems with download site is "Sharemods" an special site for uploading mods, what are the problems?
2015-10-26 14:29:16 Admin
Some people have problems. Would be great if someone reported them to our email in more detail.
2015-10-26 20:53:22 khalid
downloaded it. extract it to mods folder but cant find it. can someone plz help
2015-10-31 12:41:05 zygimantas (Guest)
Credits: zVoxty make the headear smaller sometihng like 13 or 12 metres ....please and thanks...:)
2015-11-07 13:19:47 Mackan (Guest)
Hello. I can´t get this mod to show up in the game. Do i need to do something different with this mod to get it to work, then i do with other mods? I´ll be grateful for help.

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