Bourgault IAD600 v 2.0

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5 years ago
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Here is new version of Independent Bourgault Air Drill Seeder 600 for Farming Simulator 15.
Veresion: v 2.0.
This is a direct seed for growing large areas with a working width of 20.6 m
Fields must not be previously grubbed or plowed
Currently still in a beta version (for lack of documentary scripts and feedback from Giants) but it serves its purpose
Working width: 6.20 m, Price: € 75,500 Maintenance: € 15
Capacity: 600 bushels / 21,600 liters
Of fruit: wheat barley rape maize sugar grass
only suitable for tractors with min. 250 hp




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Latest Version v 2.0
Game FS 15
Category Implements & Tools
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Created 5 years ago


Astrofarmer (Guest)
3 years ago

I liked the idea of this huge wide seeder. But I found that even on flat fields it leaves lots of round un-seeded areas about half the width of the arms like long lines of 2 foot wide circles? I tried it on many fields in many maps to be sure about the fault! I found it did this on every map field it was used on? Shame really as the size of the seeding arms is a good one! I ended up having to redo the areas where the seeder leave these circles on un-seeded ground? I now use a john deer 22.5 metre wide folding arm seeder which works far better than this Bourgault the john deer one is abit smaller in width but works fine with no missed ground seeding at all even on un level ground? And the john deer also can have a john deer fertiliser cart of the same width attached behind the seeder so the seeding and fertilising done in one pass, The seeder also cost allot less than the Bourgault and the tractor on course play working field does put down and lift up the seeder ground injection small arms and when finished fold up the main seeder arms too? Plus the seed volume in the seeder is 10.800 litres of any seed including the big seeds like potato or sugerbeet etc.? There is two models of the seeder, the 22.5 metre wide one with matching fertiliser cart and a 14 metre seeder with it's matching fertiliser cart? So I can only go by the testing of this one and the fact the john deer is better!

Philip (Guest)
5 years ago

To use the helper you first need to lower the seeder yourself ( V-key ) It seems it doesn' even need to be filled If after seeding, you forget to raise the seeder ( v key again) and you close the seeder, while driving on the road you will see dust flying of the seeder like it is drilling :-) If you press V, then i's gone

JTS (Guest)
5 years ago

I don' know who voted thumbs down. It's the best cultivator/seeder there is. Just fertilize the uncultivated field first, then make only one trip to cultivate and seed.


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