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Jarmet 3 and 5

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uploaded 2015-07-09 15:40:00, by Guest

Another mod from me to you!

- Includes PS (Particle Systems)
- Washable (Dirty himself. It is washable)
- Lights (indicators etc.)
- Feet leaving after uncoupling the machine,
- Disc 5 make up the \\\\\\\ "X \\\\\\\"

Additional information:
- Price:
Disc 3: 2,700
Disc 5: 6,860
- Maintain per day:
Disc 3: 5
Disc 5: 9
- Includes AO,
- Texture in the DDS format.
- No errors in the log,
- Works in MP.

- Prohibition change the link!
- If you wynosisz to other forum copy everything
- Prohibition of editing!
- The ban on adding to Modpack \\\\\\\ 's
- Please download the original link!
- I respect your ban you honor the mine, and these and other mods and models will be even more!
- The more downloads from the original link, the greater motivation for me, and faster release of the next pack!

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
AO: GoldFox, Vnsfdg2
Dirt and small fixes: Vnsfdg2
Programming: Ziuta
Photos: Nowik
Help: SIID


Jarmet 3 and 5 , 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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