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Universal Process Kit v 0.8.4

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uploaded 2014-12-20 20:37:00, by Admin

Description / Features
The UniversalProcessKit is not a mod in the actual sense, but it extends to Farming Simulator 2015 functionality to make it easier for modders to equip buildings with features. It does not matter if the building is to be placed anywhere or can be installed.

Version: v 0.8.4.

This kit consists of a base and triggers actions triggered by the player, and functions that are active depending on the level. It can also be enhanced by self-programmed modules.

The control of the UPK is controlled solely via User Attributes in the i3d. "Use" simple (such as the functions of the Giants scripts also) the functions Mapper and Modder - it is not necessary / allowed the UPK "bridge" to.

The arrangement of the triggers, functions and modules is hierarchical. The triggers are usually the last link and control the input and output. Everything between trigger and the base is freely configurable. There may be modules that act as an intermediate storage and sharing fruits only in a certain Geschwindikgeit "up" to the base or stop completely. A processor can access this level and convert it into another, which is transmitted upward. Thus, let small mods that only store something, or create large with complex functionality such as factories with the UPK.

Mods that use the UPK are automatically multiplayer capability.

- Simply put the downloaded zip file in the mod folder.



Universal Process Kit v 0.8.4, 1 photo

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uploaded by Admin
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2015-08-21 14:52:26 Savvy
Can you help. Mac OS X cannot read it.

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