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Baldeykino Map

Rating: 4/5, based on 48 votes
uploaded 2014-12-05 02:26:00, by Admin

Here is the Baldeykino Map for Farming Simulator 2015.
Map Features:
- On the map there are standard culture + sunflower breeding bulls and pigs can also be engaged in forestry (planting, felling trees with the subsequent sale of logs and wood chips).
- Transportation of sand, bread and fish.
- Pickup added milk and drinking bowls for all animals.
- Traffic transport, pedestrians, train.
- The archive with a map mod MapFruitTrigger and screenshots with the designation of points of sale. Provided Fahrer.


uploaded by Admin
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Comments (8)

2014-12-10 03:35:05 Your Name (Guest)
nie dziala ta mapka
2014-12-30 02:36:56 muttley00
so ok fine with the map, how what do you use to transport the sand ?
2015-01-11 22:06:48 Bob11 (Guest)
This map is my favourite map on the game so I would get it if I was you
2015-01-11 22:28:24 Bob11 (Guest)
C oil
2015-01-30 22:42:43 pat (Guest)
awsome map
2015-05-17 04:54:36 Death_SpecteR
I like this map.
2016-01-20 01:21:36 G Junior (Guest)
The best
2016-11-08 14:18:00 fraterphoenix
This map is majorly messed up. I can rest my vehicles if they get stuck or whatever, buy and selling is not working, no numbers on the fields, and that is all the bugs I have faced. First time for a map to bug out so much.

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