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uploaded 2015-01-15 12:21:47, by Zallamann

This is a modified Bjornholm map with placed animals near or on the farm, and added a lot of nature and details.
What has been built in:
- Watermod
- Milk trigger hose connection by mahru (Trailer needed see recommended mods)
- choppedStraw mod
- GuelleMistKalk mod
- Doors openening and Barriers to open
- Automatic light in the cow stable and on the gates of the main sheds.
- Several light switches to be found on the farm to light up your farm during the night.
- pigs and beef
- Dirtroads
- Aldi accepts eggs
- Butcher wich accepts beef and pigs
- slurry and water storage
- Manure sell
- WoolPalletCollector
- Balestorage
- Feedstorage for Grass, Silage and Straw
- LOTS of additional nature.
- Fields joined and less rectangular, more natural.
- And much more...

Chesco,  Div3rsion

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uploaded by Zallamann
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Comments (5)

2015-01-20 19:22:24 Beramendi
Very good map! Thanks a lot.
2015-01-26 00:08:34 KRoover (Guest)
Can't see the recommended mods section
2015-01-31 10:33:44 player 20 (Guest)
where to pass the milk?
2015-04-26 19:41:17 maki (Guest)
When I depo strav how to get it out
2016-05-08 19:25:07 Errol (Guest)
An awesome map ,well done guys :)

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