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Canadian Prairies Ultimate v 1.1

Rating: 4/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2016-03-16 17:04:42, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies Ultimate map for Farming Simulator 2015.
Version: v 1.1.

This is the correction map for CP Ultimate. Thanks to those who wrote comments and also to all who created items used on this map.
Have fun farming!



Canadian Prairies Ultimate v 1.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (37)

2016-03-17 00:34:23 Alex99
hello, i start to play the first version of this map, there is any way to keep my savegame but play the second one?
2016-03-17 01:22:44 farmereric (Guest)
what do you use to combine the grapes
2016-03-17 03:34:43 renebqc
maize bar and both zzz_multifruit... file in your mod folder to work.
2016-03-17 03:53:47 renebqc
you can also register grape and beetPulp with any other module from other maps by adding those entry to the file "multiFruit_config.xml" inside the module--- l<multiFruit new="grape" subStd="rape" subCutter="maize" subSowing="maize"/> and <multiFruit new="beetPulp" subStd="rape"/>
2016-03-19 00:47:52 mvenden
how do you buy chicken 2?
2016-03-19 01:51:58 renebqc
you buy chicken2 as you buy other animal, cow at the end of the line . when they are ready to sale you can also unload them at egglaying station instead and they will produce egg pallets for a while, then you have to put more chicken2 to keep producing the egg pallets.
2016-03-19 03:54:26 Alex99
i have two animal trailers but none of them load chickens...
2016-03-19 22:11:52 renebqc
Scania_pezzaiolitransport_v1_2 works fine, maybe this is not the lastest version.
2016-03-21 18:58:51 someonewhocares (Guest)
Great map! I was going to review your mod on my youtube channel. What province is your map based out of. Which of the prairie provinces? Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba?
2016-03-22 08:23:35 renebqc
Well the origin of the name had nothing to do with any geological location in particular . I was going to build a map entirely flat and I'm canadian and the only large area in canada I knew that was flat were the west canadian prairies. All my maps are build with no model or plan, it is creared one idea after another. I traveled across canada many times and all 3 provinces were beautiful. So pick one. thanks you.
2016-03-22 19:02:54 someonewhocares (Guest)
Here is the review if interested.
2016-03-23 01:25:53 Alex99
Good job renebqc, i like this map, the problem is with seeds storage, after i store them, they disappear...
2016-03-23 07:08:38 renebqc
thank you for reporting the problem.
2016-03-23 07:31:43 renebqc
thanks you for the review, it was very nice from you.
2016-03-23 15:50:04 someonewhocares (Guest)
No problem man glad you liked it.
2016-03-23 22:42:51 Bison (Guest)
I'm having trouble with Field 8, It keep saying I do not own it. But I do. How can a fix it? Great map if I can get this to work Thanks
2016-03-24 00:10:03 Alex99
oh yes, i have the same problem, i manege to seed it half and after that he told me the same
2016-03-24 03:22:19 renebqc
I just finished canadian prairies standard V5, so now I will go back to the ultimate map and correct those problems, thank for your patience.
2016-03-24 03:35:15 Bison (Guest)
ok thanks for all your work, hope you can fix the field 8 problem and field 5 has a little of the same problem. Thanks for a great map.
2016-03-24 04:48:21 Old MacDonald (Guest)
Great map as all the others you have made, but like Bison & afew others i to have the same problem... but do keep up the gd work ;)
2016-03-24 06:32:56 renebqc
for that field purchased problem, I m working on another map and it did the same thing to me, I said let's try purchasing the one next to it, and it worked, so the field areas are not set properly, thanks for for the comment.
2016-03-24 20:25:13 Bison (Guest)
FYI I purchased Field 8 and I have purchased 6 and 7 and 9 and I still can not get 8 to work. When I get more money I'll try buying more land around 8. Everything else seems to be working ok. Thanks again for all your work.
2016-03-24 20:56:57 renebqc
the map I'm working on right now did the same thing and today I looked deeper into it and I found 3 entries when there should be only one, and found many of those in other fields, So I will do them all again and correct other issue reported.
2016-03-24 21:23:48 Bison (Guest)
OK thank you, I still working away and it is one nice map. Great work!
2016-03-25 00:55:17 bow720
Hi, First thing,great map,been at this a few years with FS, this map is the best,and alot of work too. One thing though,I live in Alberta,been all over Canada,but never saw a grape field on the But I do have the same problem as some of the others,with field,2,8,a little on 5,and all of 7. A new map with a few problems,nothing major though. Keep up the great work.
2016-03-25 05:55:48 renebqc
I finally started working on this map again and will resolve the fields issues and all others reported, so give me a day or so for the next version. thank you for so many downloads and for taking time to report problems.
2016-03-25 17:19:40 Bison (Guest)
I've only ben playing on this map for 48 hour but so far I like it, when that one problem I found is fix this will be a good to great map to play on. Thanks for this great map and all your work!!
2016-03-25 18:56:32 Bison (Guest)
I have found another problem it is with greenhouses. each time you start the map up the pallets start over you loose what pallets you had done. Still a good map.
2016-03-25 19:01:53 Bison (Guest)
update on greenhouses one of them the pallets are all there the over three they are not. Good work like this map!! Thanks again
2016-03-25 21:03:47 Your Name (Guest)
how can i get chickens in the second egg barn. Or how does the automated egg packaging works ?
2016-03-26 03:35:55 Bison (Guest)
You have to take chicken2 from the fattening barns over to that barn.
2016-04-15 10:24:18 Angel (Guest)
Hi I'm new to the game been playing now for 3 weeks, it was fun and still is but its more interesting when i found your maps and all i want to say is "thank you so much" your maps are brilliant and i really enjoy them, thank you. Angel
2016-07-23 22:06:36 piper (Guest)
hi, how do you buy fields please
2016-09-06 03:48:21 sam (Guest)
when you buy fatten chickens where do you pick them up at
2016-10-07 05:10:44 Cornfused (Guest)
trying out map, messing with sawmill, i've drug whole trees to the mill(drop point), it automatically cut the trees and placed them in the trough(whatever you call it), found the buttons, 'open gate', 'close gate'...not sure whats going on, but the logs don't move, the yellow/black 'gates/pushers' just go through the logs, not pushing them to the next station
2016-10-09 05:43:15 sup (Guest)
why wont it work when put into mod files
2020-01-21 20:46:00 PuzLed (Guest)
I know this is not always the right thing to do, but once you bought field 8, then after closing the game, edit "economy.xml"" and set " <field number="8" ownedByPlayer="true" />" in Notepad.exe

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