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Meyenburg Map v 1.1

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uploaded 2015-03-07 13:17:00, by John Der33

Here is Meyenburg map for Farming Simulator 2015.
Version: v 1.1.

It's that time again, looking for you out of your yard, machinery & equipment from the cooperative has there and begin to cultivate your fields.

Initially, a pig and a cow shed are available. To operate these stables, you need to buy at the cooperative with the Viehanhänger the animals. Then bring it in your stall, but please only bring the food and then the animals, or they starve and your new purchase is just died. A guide is always at the corresponding stable!

Oh, before I forget, as in real life, in between kills an animal in the barn, for any reason whatsoever! ;-)

Download file:
Download and unzip the Meyenburg2015.rar, copy the appropriate zip file into your mod folder. Uses one new mod folder, since the compatibility with other cards is not guaranteed and may cause errors here.

It has several zip files available, including the .... So who does not want to work with the weed-mod that does not carry this zip file!

Instructions on how to weed-mod is working again in our game description in the RAR file exists, or Modhoster at this link here:

Absolutely required Mods:
Naturally, the map Meyenburg 2015 requires support from some mods, these are absolutely necessary:
- MapBuyableObjekt

Find out more:
It was not easy to get around in the fields of the new GE and its new rules of the game. Much was from the outset in the pants and read me despair.
The new ideas buzzing around in our heads are put on paper and then it was, anything with the implementation had.
But I admit not as fast, and do not let me discourage such a program to build a card that will provide the multi Playing as the main task!
For there is no card in LS, which is a complex multi-gaming feeling again, to run his own farm. Only the financial one must make externally.
Also, there are of us a chance to keep records showing that lists every yard and one keeps its finances and its machinery in the eye and can invoice for each farm.

Bluebaby210, FSM-chef, meckel34, upside down, mor2000, Jimkerk, DJChris ...... etc. who actively participate in the realization and implementation of Meyenburg2015 helped me!

It was not always easy to bear my whine, Sorry guys, I'm just a Nervernsäge with errors! ;-)

Your team of the - = MFD = Agrar service
Bluebaby210, FSM-Chefkoch, meckel34, upsidedown, mor2000, Jimkerk, DJChris

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uploaded by John Der33
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2015-03-16 23:27:31 mic (Guest)

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