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Ringwoods Map v 4.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2016-03-06 19:04:45, by John Der33

Ringwoods map mod for FS 2015.
Version: v 4.0.

Update details for v4.0:
- New field ground textures by melfoy.
- Custom grass base layer.
- Custom grass edge foliage.
- Matched grass distance map.
- Updated PDA.
- KevinK98's woodworking on a new lot at MH timber.
- Mngrazy Damage Mod ready.
- Beetmaster2k16.
- Seedmaster2k16's
- Compostmaster 2k16.
- New compost textures.
- New compost embedded fill planes and particles.
- New multifruit file tested with my other maps.
- Updated modesc and lua files show full economy.
- Salad Greenhouses now only use seeds2.
- Salad Greenhouse seed bins texture updated to seeds 2
- South Farm silo fixed.
- Mips added where needed to prevent sparkling.
- Seed2 added to the north silo.
- Salad silo removed and replaced with a seedmaster2k16.
- New silo information boards and white signs.
- New open south farm yard.
- Potato washers replaced.
- Ground markers added where needed.
- Seeds2 holding after save fixed.
- New latest water mod by Marhu.
- New water mod spray troughs by Spieler11.
- Cow nav mesh adjusted.
- Chicken zone troughs fill rates adjusted.
- All modular storage unloading triggers enlarged.
- All field dimensions correctly set and orientated.
- Shed changed at main farm for better access to the seedmaster with larger sowing machines.
- All trees replaced.

Original by Giant's, mod map by Stevie. Mods, models and scripts installed by. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, melfoy, KevinK98, Spieler11 and Stevie.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (11)

2016-03-07 11:04:04 Bigtaff
Great mod, but for the life of me I cannot find the compost plant, does anyone know where it is?
2016-03-07 11:39:55 tsllguy (Guest)
next to the milk factory
2016-03-14 00:11:07 Frederik (Guest)
I downloaded this map...wich is a great one I've installed it on a dedicated FS 2015 server... I encounter a problem....the silo's can't be emptied...filling is no problem. When I try the map in singleplayer, there is no issue. Can you help ?
2016-03-17 09:18:26 someonewhocares (Guest)
Do you still need to download the "Kotte Universal Tankers"? Like Stevie's other map mods?
2016-04-01 22:42:34 boris (Guest)
I have bug in multiplayer game this map I and my friend play this map, and don't see screen on seed master, beetpulp and other screen
2016-04-04 05:57:24 down in oz (Guest)
also having same issue with silo bins not emptying in multi player running off a dedicated fine in single player...any ideas anyone??
2016-05-14 18:00:52 PGK (Guest)
I have the beetmaster filled with water and so far I've dumped about four bucketloads of beets into the machine, but yet it keeps telling me there's 0% beets loaded into it and it's not running. Any ideas? Love the map otherwise!
2016-06-15 18:27:16 Fred (Guest)
Hoe kan ik online spelen met dit spel
2016-06-15 18:28:42 Your Name (Guest)
How to play online with this game
2016-08-20 19:10:04 bennike90
how do i add fuel to the tree factory
2016-09-05 19:37:06 serj (Guest)
на заводе по переработке потддоннов на уголь не открываются двери куда завозят потдонны

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