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Two Rivers Map v 1.1

Rating: 4/5, based on 59 votes
uploaded 2014-12-10 03:02:00, by John Der33

Here is the new map for Farming Simulator 2015: the Two Rivers Map. Version: v 1.1.
This is currently one of the best maps for FS 2015!

Here are some features:
- Location: Salzachtal to Salzburg (Austria) Landscape fictitious, but close to the original
- Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes
- Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
- Fields: 29 fields of 2.4 ha to 13.27 ha
- 18 fields of different sizes
- A lovingly crafted village, various objects break up the landscape, realistic field boundary planting, a beautiful Alpenhof, sugar factory, BGA, trains, a new - sawmill and much more.
- Collisions of various objects for Course Play players and those who are not take it so exactly with the reality turned off. In the trees, it is no longer possible to make this work by the way without Collision in helper mode so you should pay attention to where falles a headland.
Required Mods:

Manure / dung / Kalkmod: is the modpack, thanks to Marhu for permission
ChoppedStraw (Included in the downloaded file)

If you like, use the map without ChoppedStraw and / or manure / dung / Kalkmod can play without limitations, but these scripts must be removed from mod folder!

Map: El Cid
Script Installation: Festus007
Tester: El Cid / Festus007 / SchorschiBW / Coach /
Fin050808 / Ralli / Meyer123
Slurry / lime / Mistmod: TMT / Marhu
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Pig: Marhu
Wassermod: Marhu
Giants: various buildings and decorative objects
Buschi: grass pavers, Flußerle,
Layer cobblestones, various tools,
Forestry signs, log set, Pqletten
Fatian: Arch bridge
Andi Scania: Ferkeltaxe
IHC27: Halls for LU, butcher, laundry
Börndi: current house, high rank, bus stop,
Park benches
mailman: barns, loading docks
Funker: guardrails
Chefkoch_LS: Blitzer
Eribus: various textures of the Forgotten
Plants Pack
Vanilla ice: some textures from the Pack
"Realistic-textures 2.0"
KA88: barriers
Wohlstandskind: Catenary train
Maxter: Sheep
Wellano920: fertilizer, fuel drums, seed
TakerMaco: Power House
bgo1973 / straightener Jack: Lucerne
MartinbigM: Mobile Home, cesspit pig
Jauch Paule: Radio Tower, workshop equipment
Steffen30muc: lime / fertilizer warehouse, BGA silo
kirezagar: brick pallet
VertexDezign: machine shops, grain storage
Fendtfan1: Ball Hall, dunghill yard,
Bus Station
mf-modding: Kuhsilo
Manuel: Milk Silos
Kai2: Aldi (Hofer conversion to El Cid)
BernieSCS: ideas for the yard / parts from the farm
Wellano920: Ambience Sound Pack V1
El Cid: Railway station, guest house, several houses in the village, various
Foliagelayer, school, Ponnyhof, forest house,
Milk collection, gravel pit, sports court,
Construction village, power lines, food storage,
Dunghill, various traffic signs, fruit plates,
Sugar mill, barn, Hofneubau, bridges

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (16)

2014-12-10 23:07:31 oleire (Guest)
How the hell do I open the gate ?!
2014-12-12 22:50:41 Zerohaxxis (Guest)
Download the map trigger mod.. its in description (TOP)
2014-12-16 19:02:45 gustafsson81
the best map I´ve tried!!
2014-12-29 23:20:23 luki (Guest)
The best map I've ever seen <3 Good job ;)
2015-01-05 06:50:32 devil19751 (Guest)
this map keeps crashing my game when going to place a mixing station at the cow feeding truaght
2015-01-11 00:55:45 Your Name (Guest)
Danke für diese tolle MAP!!!!!!!!
2015-05-09 15:05:09 cougi (Guest)
great great
2015-07-22 08:44:59 Dustmuz
i like the map in general.. the only thing i personally have a problem with, its in german.. and i dont understand german, so have trouble finding out where i do what.. would it be possible to change the ingame map, with a english translated one?
2015-07-22 15:31:23 cr7 (Guest)
cr7 ist cool
2015-09-07 22:46:18 godkop
I cant get any doors or gates open. I do have the AnimationMapTrigger mod in the mod folder. Anyone that can help?
2015-09-08 06:53:30 noid (Guest)
Why do I keep seeing a virus, when I open the image!?
2015-11-13 20:09:52 Your Name (Guest)
when i buy a field i lose it between every game restart... i play in multiplayer. anyone else got these problems?
2016-01-02 15:42:17 Johan (Guest)
Dit is n VIRUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dis kak
2016-01-19 07:44:55 prax (Guest)
does this map support soil mod?
2016-06-09 23:21:47 fooxit (Guest)
OMG Great map!!!
2016-08-11 11:35:33 Aaron (Guest)
Die Map sieht richtig gut aus.

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