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Feed Mixing Mill

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uploaded 2016-04-22 03:09:00, by Admin

This is skinned version of Marhuu's feed mixing station.It was made to be represenative of a small feed mill you might find in a rural area.
There are instructions and files enclosed for importing it and setting it up for your map. However if you already have the  mixing station
in your map all you need to do is import in GE and place where you want it. You can change the fill types if you wish, there is a blank sign
enclosed to display new fill types.
 The feed mill is designed to fill the American Feed Trailer by 812farmer plus whatever trailers were used for Marhu's mixing station.

Model: JohnDeere1952
Signs: JohnDeere1952
Mixing Station: Marhu
Sukup Bins: ThompsonM06
Pits: Giants
Barn: Giants
Testers and Advice: cjwilksy,  812farmer, somethingonmyshoe.


Feed Mixing Mill, 1 photoFeed Mixing Mill, 2 photoFeed Mixing Mill, 3 photo

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uploaded by Admin
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