Krone ZX 550 GD

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4 years ago
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Game FS 15
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Created 4 years ago


Astrofarmer (Guest)
4 years ago

I tried this mod on the english map called "Blickling 2015" which is a real farm map based in Norfolk, England! At 1st it was amazing using it, The loading wagon ZX550GD had a huge amount of storage for the cut grass which really huge for 1 wagon it was over 200.000 litres for 1 loading wagon totally mad. But it did that amount. The two very wide cutting arms which did pass through objects like trees , fences etc. that you put on the front of your choice of tractor cut a very wide area of grass which the loading wagon that tractor also pulled collected up all the wide area of grass cut with the loading wagons same wide collection arms! Then I found that after using it fine for about 20 minutes the game froze up and no key presses worked anymore or the controls like the steering wheel either? I had to press "control+alt+delete" to get out of the game and loose the amount of work done? I thought it maybe the fact I had two of this mod in the game working with follow me mod doing the 2nd tractor behind the 1st one I was driving, so I sold the 2nd krone zx550gd wagon and cutter set and used just 1 I driving? Nope the game still froze up after the smae amount of time? So I removed the mod fully from the mods folder in the game. Bingo.. the fs2015 game run fine and so did the english map Blickling 2015. So it was this mod after all? Shame as it saved me using 5 tractors and loading wagons of 50.000 litres each to pick up the cut grass I did using a krone big x mower. So I not sure about any other map and if it also effects them the same way? As I did not try it out on any other map. So at least you know about the effect on the Blickling 2015 map?


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