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New Holland BB1290 and Nadal R90 v 1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2016-03-31 12:53:02, by John Der33

New Holland BB1290 and Nadal R90 mod for FS 2015.
Version: v 1.0.


- Rakes deployed Width: 10,5 meters
- Rakes folded height: 5,2 meters
- Recommended power: 300 cv
- Price: 158.000 €
- Daily maintenance: 130 €
- Rakes adapts to the ground
- Washable
- Controls and features can be seen in this video:
Baler: Giants
Rake: JavierZzS

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2016-03-31 13:59:44 Your Name (Guest)
Top Idee nur New Holland? Wo ist claas? ;) skin ich mir selbst
2016-03-31 18:34:30 Your Name (Guest)
Nice.. thanks for sharing.. cant wait for your other brands.
2016-03-31 23:27:30 someonewhocares (Guest)
Awesome mod but when picking up grass, it only seems to pick up half of it and leaves a windrowed line of grass behind it. Besides that, Great job!
2016-04-01 00:18:45 someonewhocares (Guest)
Sorry I made a mistake. There was both grass and hay on the field. So it was picking up one and windrowing the other.
2016-04-11 18:04:24 salvo (Guest)
quale pulsante si usa per abbassare il ranchinatore a me non va
2016-04-16 12:18:34 Your Name (Guest)
valaki meg tudja mondani,hogy nyilik ki a rend sodro az elején melyik gombal??????
2017-01-22 18:23:41 hussainJassem (Guest)
Hey guys .. can some one please help me how to operate this machine .. I followed the tutorial vid but no use so can anybody tell me whats the problem ..?

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