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New-Holland LB115.B Backhoe Loader

Rating: 4/5, based on 21 votes
uploaded 2017-01-01 02:00:00, by Guest

It's not a perfect recreation but I tried at least.

Creator: Extreme Gamer


New-Holland LB115.B Backhoe Loader, 1 photoNew-Holland LB115.B Backhoe Loader, 2 photoNew-Holland LB115.B Backhoe Loader, 3 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (10)

2017-01-01 20:35:51 kjd (Guest)
does not work
2017-01-01 20:49:45 joh (Guest)
marche pas pfuu essayer les vos mod avant de les poster
2017-01-01 21:54:58 Blackhawk302928
i keeps loading when i buy it but nice try
2017-01-01 23:05:38 Farmer (Guest)
mod is bad converted, not buy in store
2017-01-03 08:10:28 EducatedPenguin
it looks so cartoonish its not EVEN funny
2017-01-03 08:44:13 dad (Guest)
horrible job
2017-01-16 12:09:36 Crooo
useless mod
2017-01-19 14:03:14 TypicalGaming04 (Guest)
try to make it where you can dig the dirt to make holes
2017-02-22 18:12:17 Guest (Guest)
This mod doesn't work in fs17 . when you buy it just stays on the purchace screen and doesn't complete.
2017-06-30 21:04:29 calum184
The problem here is that when you ad it to your mod list and press start it does not even finish loading

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