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Emerald Rock Valley Grain Map

Rating: 4/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2018-09-10 01:29:47, by BK_Nation_Modding

Emerald Rock Valley is a 4X map based on major grain farming. Crops include wheat, barley, canola, corn, potato, soybean, sunflower plus additional crops oat, rye, sorghum, strawberry, and flax. Sorghum and strawberry are both harvested with the corn head. And for those who enjoy mixing it up a little, there's a large BGA facility at the bottom of the map. Map is seasons reaady and also Straw Addon ready with the pellet silos. Map is error free on my end. 

4X map: NLD Modding
tutorials: Shywizard
Additional Crop Types: RC-Devil
Objects and buildings: Giants Software
Buildings and barns: CBJ Midwest Modding
Tim Hortons: Pascal 123
Walmart Prefab: Winston9587
Shell Gas Station: Reaper 9111
Sukup Grain Bin Pack: Lazy Mod Studios
Dekalb Seed Company: MBJ
A special thanks to all my testers


Emerald Rock Valley Grain Map, 1 photoEmerald Rock Valley Grain Map, 2 photoEmerald Rock Valley Grain Map, 3 photoEmerald Rock Valley Grain Map, 4 photo

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uploaded by BK_Nation_Modding
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Comments (10)

2018-09-10 04:39:37 Mayco (Guest)
is not loading the map at startup
2018-09-10 21:38:42 BK_Nation_Modding
it may be a mod conflict. I've had that happen to me with this map. Take out all the mods and see if it loads.
2018-09-10 21:42:56 BK_Nation_Modding
Remember guys this is a grain map. It's not for everyone. I built this map because this is the style of farming I like best as I grew up on a grain farm. I know there are some players who don't mind this style of map so that's why I posted it.
2018-09-11 04:09:40 djmerlin2
nice work man love it its fun to play on a grain map and yes there are gonna be ppl that not gonna like it and those can scroll by
2018-09-15 05:28:20 JamesTB
Really like this map. Working right now on getting the crops off and will then combine a few fields to make larger ones. Only thing I would love to see is a sell point at the Dekalb silos (at least I couldn't find one). Thanks for the map.
2018-09-15 06:00:18 BK_Nation_Modding
you're welcome. Glad you're enjoying the map
2018-09-15 17:08:58 JamesTB
Not sure what your plans are, if any, for future versions of this map. But if you are planning one is there any possibility that a sell point could be added to the Dekalb silo site. I have no skills regarding modding and really appreciate it when I find a good mod. Thanks in advance.
2018-09-17 03:23:40 BK_Nation_Modding
yeah I can see what I can do
2018-10-17 20:23:22 HP from Cologne (Guest)
Hi there :-) Great map...makes a lot of fun, BUT: how to proceed with the strawberry fields? WHERE to get new "ammunition" after the fields are harvested ? Greetz -HP-
2018-11-24 04:41:53 JamesTB
Really enjoying this map. Do you have any plans on converting it to FS19? Again awesome map!

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