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Silverpeak Valley v1.1

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2018-09-08 18:35:34, by Pajan1984

Welcome to "Silverpeak Valley" the place for real farmer's.

Here is new update v1.1 of this map.

This update bring you more possibilitie's how to make money for your farm.
All is in your hamd's.
Take straw to composter, add diesel which can be processed in GAS plant from "Raps"
and make "compost" for your new greenhouse's on your farm. Pallet's can you sell in two
sellpoint's. One is in town near vehicle shop and the next one is in "Silverpeak Mountain Resort" area.

Start engine, attach tool's, play your game....


For best experience use these mods: Chopped straw for harvesters
4Real module - Crop destruction
4Real module - Tire dirt
4Real module - Ground response
Real nights

All these mod's can be downloaded via ingame Modhub.

Changelog: v1.0
- Initial version

Changelog: v1.1
- Added new field "32"
- Field 20 reduced
- Added GAS plant ( here you can processing "Raps" to "Diesel", "TMR", "Digestate" )
- Added Diesel sell point ( town gas station area )
- Implemented GMKFC mod
- New crop's can be sold in "Silverpeak Regional Coop" - "compost"
- New building for storing vehicle's in base Farm area
- Added greenhouse's ( tomatoe's, cauliflower's, lettuce, red cabbage )
- Added sell point for tomato, cauliflower, lettuce and red cabbage pallet's ( Arbol trade point - near Vehicle shop )
- New "Silverpeak Mountain Resort" ( here is 2nd sell point for crop's from greenhouse's )
- Created new spline ( Mountain Resort Spline )
- and many more tweak's...


GIANTS Software, Pajan1984

Additional credits for the objects/scripts i used on this map goes to:

Fendtfan1, modelleicher, Blacksheep Modding, Desperados93, kevink98, Marhu, Dorset, Bärnd, RC-Devil – BlackSheep, Hiijinx

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uploaded by Pajan1984
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Comments (10)

2018-09-08 19:42:06 Direct Download? (Guest)
NO direct download = NO download & negative vote.
2018-09-08 22:47:14 Pajan1984
The error is not on my side. I am unable to upload my .zip file to "". The only error code when i try to upload my file is "upload error". No any other word's or code, nothing. Then i dont know, where the issue is and how i can it resolve. I am trying upload standard file.
2018-09-09 03:26:24 FarmerSteve (Guest)
It is still the old file on Mega, try a new name like add v1.1 in the name.
2018-09-09 12:37:58 Pajan1984
Yes, it's still the same file. No one need in one directory two same files. Just replace old one and start with new savegame. Ver. 1.1 isn't compatible with older save.
2018-09-09 15:25:14 FarmerSteve (Guest)
Well it you include the version it would not be the same final, particular if you need a new game.
2018-09-09 15:58:26 Pajan1984
Everytime u change terrain, grass, trees, foliage etc. u need new savegame. Position of these are saved in old savegame and is not coresponding with new one. Or if u wanna floating grass and trees in the air in new place "composter" for example u can use old save. That's the reason, why new savegame.
2018-09-10 21:00:11 STiKLi (Guest)
How can i open the GAS Plant's fence?
2018-09-10 21:38:20 Pajan1984
Gas plant gate as a other gate's around cow area can be opened with left mouse button, closed with right mouse button. If it's not in game configured, u can it configure manualy in game control's settings. Look for "Open gate", "Close gate", there can u set whatu u want.
2018-09-11 19:25:28 STiKLi (Guest)
It's set for me but doesn't work in this map. In other maps it works well.
2018-09-12 01:41:20 Pajan1984
To STIKLI: Then i recommend u try this map in clean mod's directory. Maybe u have a mod's collision. Map is before uploading tested in single and multiplayer too without any problem's.

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