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Kartonfabrik placeable v 1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2017-03-11 01:51:48, by John Der33

Thus I present to you next Mod in the planned production chain, it is a placeable Kartonfabrik.
WARNING: man needs large area.
Raw materials include wood chips and pallets.
The product comes cartons.
Costs 150 000.
Cost per day 10
Cartons and pallets are always needed as raw materials in the other planned mods.

Modell: GiantsTextur: mikki/HippocampusScript: kevink98/MarhuIdee / Konzept: mikkiTester:Sonstige:

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2017-03-11 21:58:58 serup (Guest)
does not work !!!!!! please fix
2017-03-12 18:14:26 serup (Guest)
am i the only one where the mod dosent work its shows in the game but when i put the wood chips and pallets in it. It does not make does karton pallets please help me or fix this problem !!!!!!!!!!
2017-03-14 17:44:51 leifege640
I have a suspicion that you will need the UPK mod for any of these kinds of mods to work, unless they explicitly say that the FabrikScript has been built in.
2017-03-21 08:11:00 FarmersBoy
It works fine for me... with and without UPK enabled.... I find some of these production lines need time x15 or x30 before they kick in production... or you may have some other kind of conflicting mod.
2017-03-21 08:17:33 FarmersBoy
Serup: The first time I sited this mod it didn't work, I found out it was because the corner of the mod nearest to the woodchip bunker, was slightly under the soil. I re-positioned and it worked great for me.
2017-08-07 00:36:20 pat (Guest)
Bonjour L'écran de s'allume pas Merci de votre réponse
2017-08-07 10:29:09 pat (Guest)
Hello The screen does not turn on and no information by F1 Thank you for your reply i am french Pat

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