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NSLC Volvo EC300 with Buckets

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uploaded 2017-11-13 00:23:00, by r199

Since we are into the construction and mining side of things also now. Here is Northstar Landclearing's edit of the volvo ec 300 excavator. It now has rotortilt which is built onto the excavator, which means you can use it with joysticks without switching tool selections. This is no engcon rotortilt but it does the job pretty well. New buckets and attachments will be released soon!

Changes Done and Notes:
- Rotortilt added
- Store option for cab guard
- Quickcoupler
- Controls are the same as a log loader
- Outrigger control moves the rotortilt hydrualics side to side

Polygonish, TP Simulation, Dcmodding, Taylor Farms, TMP


NSLC Volvo EC300 with Buckets, 1 photo

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uploaded by r199
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Comments (1)

2017-12-17 02:40:12 Cam (Guest)
Stop taking other peoples mods and putting them on third party hosting sites so you can make a quick buck. You dont even have the proper credits for it.

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