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Rating: 3/5, based on 26 votes
uploaded 2016-10-27 13:40:44, by John Der33

JOHN DEERE 6210R tractor for Farming Simulator 2017.
Version: v 1.0.

coverted brasil team


JOHN DEERE 6210R, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (16)

2016-10-27 15:11:49 farm 1 (Guest)
This mod does not load into the mod hub on the game. I installed this mod in the mods folder of 2017 game and nothing. Any suggestions?
2016-10-27 15:35:27 comic (Guest)
A supprimé
2016-10-27 18:16:40 Swiss (Guest)
This mod has never been converted to FS17. It's an FS15 mod.
2016-10-27 18:22:24 lebelge (Guest)
2016-10-27 22:13:58 idiots (Guest)
Idiots! Modland Idiots, WAKE UP, Do you know how to test a mod before you approve it? FS15 mod? in FS17?
2016-10-28 20:42:35 Eagle355th
John Der33: I like your mods. But this one I can't get to work. You have any idea why it don't work. I tried to get it to work But no go yet. If I get it to work. Can I Upload it for other's to use? Credits will be added. Have a Nice Day!
2016-10-30 17:59:38 Chris (Guest)
Why is this editors pick? Doesn't f*****g work. Modland c***s
2016-10-31 11:30:00 goa (Guest)
Fix this
2016-10-31 11:31:51 goa (Guest)
Fix this mod please
2016-10-31 11:33:36 goa (Guest)
Fix This Mod Please!!!
2016-10-31 11:36:39 goa (Guest)
Fix This Mod Please !!!
2016-10-31 11:39:01 Goa (Guest)
Fix This Mod Please !!! @john Der33
2016-11-03 05:26:46 guy (Guest)
this mod does NOT work
2016-11-17 17:13:12 ruslan (Guest)
этот мод на фс-15
2017-01-05 06:04:42 Tom (Guest)
Fix this mod please
2017-01-07 01:28:37 neil (Guest)
Modland, please stop allowing crap mods to be uploaded

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