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New Holland TM 175/190 Full Pack

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uploaded 2017-05-16 17:20:00, by Mathu

Hello all, I have finished a very difficult project. The largest New Holland TM tractors. Models 175 and 190. They have a huge number of features so please read the description :)

Choice of engines/design:
* New Holland TM 175 -> All rated nominal power: 175 PS

- Normal TM 175
- Brown Design TM 175 (Due to cooperation with Fiatagri)
- TM 175 with new yellow stickers (when buying called NS)

* New Holland TM 190 -> All rated nominal power: 190 PS

- Normal TM 190
- Brown Design TM 190 (Due to cooperation with Fiatagri)
- TM 190 with new yellow stickers (when buying called NS)

Tire selection:
All rims and tires have been selected by myself to look real and to be well matched.
* Normal
* Wide Tires
* Michelin Tire
* Dual back wheels
* Narrow wheels

Function List:
* Full Interactive Control (IC) All added from scratch.
* Openable doors, back window, small side windows (tiltable)
* Folding steering column (IC)
* Power throttle animation in cab
* Full Animation hydraulics rear and front
* Windows cylinders animation
* Tractors have nice washable. New specular textures has been made by me.
* Very good rotations of front and rear attachers.
* Selection of front hydraulic or new holland front weight.
* Fenders on IC buttons
* Foldable warntafels
* Warnings on IC Buttons
* RDA Pressure systems in wheels (IC)
* Max speed about 40 km/h (Real!)
* All other basic functions: full lightning, indoor huds, mirrors and other...

Please do not edit this version! This is Version 1.0 and I can make next one!

Please keep only my download link!

BJR-Modding, Marthu


New Holland TM 175/190 Full Pack, 1 photoNew Holland TM 175/190 Full Pack, 2 photoNew Holland TM 175/190 Full Pack, 3 photoNew Holland TM 175/190 Full Pack, 4 photo

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uploaded by Mathu
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Comments (3)

2017-05-16 21:23:24 LS_Farmer (Guest)
no release! You have no right to make this mod to DL. Stop Download!
2017-05-16 23:02:34 mchl (Guest)
Yeah stop download!!! Textures looks like from the windows paint. Ugly as sh.t. 103mb? WTF. Easy to find more realistic looking tractors
2017-05-19 12:14:06 TheGregGam3r! (Guest)
Je joui quand je vois des new holland :P

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