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FS17 Caterpillar Cement Mixer

Rating: 3/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2018-05-02 11:40:49, by winston9587

This is my Cat CT660 Cement Mixer.
I took the frame backinto blender stretched the frame added rear turning axle's
added my new cat wheels
changed the chrome
and added the cement mixer.
Holds 40000 liters of Cement or Concrete.

mixer rotates when full and has tipping animation for left , right, or back.

winston9587, Testing by Toby,  Neale , truck model from ATS, cemet mixer by me.

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (7)

2018-05-03 00:37:56 aaa (Guest)
what map can i use it on?
2018-05-03 05:49:00 james (Guest)
you can use it mining and construction map
2018-05-03 06:01:52 specter (Guest) this is a review of the truck on plesent vally v3
2018-05-04 00:30:05 james (Guest)
welp winston here i am again saying bravo sir bravo !!!! I downloaded this and im not even on a map with cement or concrete lol , I just had to see the bad assery of this mod first hand !
2018-05-05 04:15:47 Chris (Guest)
Don't get it due to the rear turning wheels unrealistic Cat never offered this. (Cat no longer makes the on highway truck most of the parts where international parts including the Cab and chassis International has taken over the line the CT660 is now the HX620 my International trucks.)
2018-05-15 17:11:51 Ridiculous design doesn't exist (Guest)
This is called a rear discharge concrete mixer, Only front discharge concrete mixer trucks have turning wheels. This shows the person who came up with this has no clue how real world trucks are built. But anyone with a junior grade level education can do a one second search in google for "concrete trucks" and can see for yourself. I used to like this modder and follow him but no more, he has really gone down hill. Even FUCT modding has improved over the years, but not this person. Ha, if only ATS made tractors, maybe then could this person bring in something worth while.
2018-11-26 14:18:07 Grandpa (Guest)
I like the Mod but shouldn't this be called a Concrete Mixer?. Concrete consist of Sand Gravel and Cement. We also could use a Silo type Trailer or Flour type Gigaliner to haul Cement to the Concrete Plant.

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