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Volvo FH 750 ITC and ITC trailer

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uploaded 2017-08-11 21:27:00, by LantmanenFS

The truck built by LantmanenFS with div parts ITC was built by Thuggiestylez since was rebuilt by me in the script.

The car's niklas has been a part of small things, even the test pilot, etc.


Boggie lifts with the mouse. Same as cranes (AXIS_CRANE_ARM4)

The mouse also controls the ITC arm, puts down the can or directly on the trailer so can get where you want,

Z also controls the projection of the arm in and out.


Mouse control boggie.

Trailer with a container is tilted. Use X unload container and then Q release it. Back then the connection point will come.

The big trailer uses nine X and can be removed from the container and bring the truck. Container should be a little bit outside for passport.

Two files to download


LantmanenFS / Korpens


LantmanenFS / Korpens   Thuggiestylez Niklas , Volvo body from begining .  giant  windows 10 , Notpad++ . And all those who built the parts to my computer. And my internet


Volvo FH 750 ITC and ITC trailer , 1 photoVolvo FH 750 ITC and ITC trailer , 2 photoVolvo FH 750 ITC and ITC trailer , 3 photo

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uploaded by LantmanenFS
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