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Volvo FH750 Bruks. G Johnsson V2

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uploaded 2017-08-11 21:27:21, by LantmanenFS


Volvo FH 750 Used from Lantmanenfs. The car has been remodeled and the trailer also got an over sight.

The trailer X (Fold) button is boggy. New lights, the duck fixed on top.

The truck has been used on its own platform. 2 new support legs even work when the Crane Crusher.

Must sit in to drive the crush even start it after the truck. The truck is tipping over in the trailer and tipping in Silo

The truck got new light ramps as well as flash and also built-in container as well as new grids and load protection.




operating Table

Ctrl + Keyp 9 Door

Ctrl + Keyp 5 cabin raise

Manual Start.

X folds out support legs / tables


Ctrl + Keyp 5 Worklight Increase

Ctrl + 8 Increase in usage and 45 degree inclination

Ctrl + Keyp 7 Arma out.

Empty ground / drag mouse control. Stand turn to tap,

X boggie truck

Lantmanen FS/dimanix /Korpens Niklas /Emil Smen ( FS 15) 

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uploaded by LantmanenFS
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