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FS 19 Lamborghini Factory v 1.0

Rating: 2/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2019-10-23 22:24:20, by John Der33

LAMBORGHINI FACTORY PLACEABLE You need DIESEL to work, and the script "Global Company in your mod folder. Price > 100000.
This archive contains the trailer that transports the cars for sale.And sell point
This mod is for haters. Enjoy it.

Edward`s Modding


FS 19 Lamborghini Factory v 1.0, 1 photoFS 19 Lamborghini Factory v 1.0, 2 photoFS 19 Lamborghini Factory v 1.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (6)

2019-10-24 10:56:04 yuiuo (Guest)
funny, lol........
2019-10-24 11:35:39 Gregoris
I would prefer a plant for jam and fruit juice for our greenhouses.
2019-10-24 15:32:24 .... (Guest)
you can shove it up my ass
2019-10-24 16:12:48 S0HN0H
@guest ..stop smoking pot. its making you stupider
2019-10-24 16:50:17 runner 279 (Guest)
2019-10-25 01:06:58 runny poo (Guest)
I want this without fences, gates, and trees. just the factory without the garnish.

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