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AGCO IDEAL 9 Combine By Stevie

Rating: 2/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2020-03-29 14:21:33, by John Der33

Mod Update. 29/03/2020
FS19 AGCO IDEAL 9 Combine By Stevie.
This replaces any previously released version. Have fun with it. Matching Draper cutters are in the pack linked.


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (3)

2020-03-29 19:41:34 BIgRich (Guest)
Ahh- i see...Stevie would come behind me, and release this. yup thats something Stevie would do
2020-03-29 22:40:58 @BigRich (Guest)
Stop being such a crybaby - he's been continually modding this harvester pretty much since FS19 came out... He's done a hell of a lot more with pretty much everything... Why can't you just acknowledge that he is an accomplished modder who continually puts out quality content? Have to resort to trying to bring down your competition... Says so much about you!
2020-03-30 07:34:42 BigRich (Guest)
oh i do..Stevies a good friend..and added on Facebook. i didnt slander Stevie - so argue with the wall turd swallower. keep your hands washed and social distances..even on social media - specially from Me..beings your not in reach and i can't have the satisfaction of knocking your teeth out...its just not fair to me..So princess have a NICE DAY and a Better LIFE.

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