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CASEIH Axial-Flow 9240 Custom

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2020-02-15 00:16:24, by JCB Modding

Axial-Flow 9240 Custom

Price: 230.000€
Top speed: 90 KM/H
Horse Power: 789 HP
Combine Capacity: 1500050 l

- It can unload directly without unfolding the pipe.
- Real Black Exhaust Effects.

* Tinted Windows.
* Base color configuration.
* Design Color configuration.
* Rim color configuration.
* MATTE, METALLIC, SATIN, OLD, Color Packs to select.

JCB Modding

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uploaded by JCB Modding
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Comments (5)

2020-02-15 16:45:53 скандал (Guest)
зачем делать вместимость бункера в 1500000л если комбайн при загрузке 300000л едет 5 км/ч при жатке которая может работать при скорости 42 км/ч
2020-02-15 20:47:32 BigRichMods
if i knew how to edit custom colors i would. i don't have time to sort through that headache. good job with these color options. i'll find another way to get this mod..i will not download from sharemod site. sorry.
2020-02-16 01:31:33 Rob (Guest)
Once harvester starts filling up slows down to 3 MPh ????
2020-02-16 16:23:32 ScreamingDemon1
hey Rob, you have to edit the xml file and it will work fine. if you don't know how let me know.
2020-02-16 20:02:31 BigRichMods
and this is the prime example why BigRichMods and Edits everything he comes into contact with through FS19 Mods. because so called editors..think- they know what their doing, and well- that thinking ruins these mods. i know what im doing when i edit a mods XML file. you can't just change a few values, and call that a done edit. know this for Fact there is more to Editing then to change a few values. them values changed? also effect another area of that mod - Hello. and only people who 'really' know what they're doing can effectively Edit a mod so it does work. One thing you have at your disposal, are the many editors here in this community who are good at what they do, and who might be willing to teach you correctly..IF YOU ASK FOR HELP. take that risk, step up to the plate and Try. Trying does have its reward factor.

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