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CR1090 BD v06.10

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2020-02-09 18:55:43, by JCB

Description: The New Holland CR1090 BD edited.

The pipe will unload even in the back position.  This comes in handy if you want to unload in to a sell point or at a silo.  Also added tracks to the back, or you have the option to have all wheels or duals.

Price:  43,000€

Power:  2000HP

Speed:  60KM/H

Capacity:  100.000

Color Selectable (MATTE,METALLIC,SAIN,OLD Color Packs)

Rim Color Selectable

Credits: Bdbssb, JCB modding, Giants


CR1090 BD v06.10, 1 photoCR1090 BD v06.10, 2 photoCR1090 BD v06.10, 3 photoCR1090 BD v06.10, 4 photo

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uploaded by JCB
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Comments (4)

2020-02-09 19:21:50 papa (Guest)
Hey Very nice mod keep up the great work.
2020-02-09 21:57:00 baba ganoush (Guest)
Yes! I have been waiting for this mod! Thank you!
2020-02-09 22:39:53 James Deen (Guest)
Would it be possible to fit this with a longer pipe? I'd like to use the 60ft Mid-west Durus with this rig.
2020-02-11 19:43:41 papa (Guest)
Hey I got a good one for you to try. A MOWER 100m +. that would be a great mod to have. And again thanks for all your mods and keep up the great work.

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