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Iconik Ideal Harvester

Rating: 2/5, based on 20 votes
uploaded 2019-04-16 02:21:40, by Iconik

Iconik Ideal Harvester

9 Decal options
3 Engine Options
4 Tire Options
3 Crawler Options
4 Capacity Options
Cotton Option
Road Speed @ 32 MPH
Price Dropped 5%
Abilty to Strap It!

*see pics for other details*

**This is My Edit of Ahran Moddings Ideal from the in Game mods menu**



Iconik Ideal Harvester, 1 photoIconik Ideal Harvester, 2 photoIconik Ideal Harvester, 3 photoIconik Ideal Harvester, 4 photo

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uploaded by Iconik
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Comments (10)

2019-04-16 04:33:40 Júnior (Guest)
Very good Congratulations! Great job! not being uncomfortable where is the tool that aclopa to collect cotton?
2019-04-16 06:56:29 Iconik
@Junior Im revamping my header pack now V2 will contain it
2019-04-16 10:16:26 Ice Cold (Guest)
Not working in MP sorry
2019-04-16 14:22:50 Steinadler01
schneidwerk wäre schön
2019-04-16 16:03:41 kmulle
@ Iconik Where is the capacity options
2019-04-16 16:20:35 BOBROY MINNESOTA FARMER (Guest)
YA how do I chang the capacity
2019-04-17 00:58:28 Iconik
When you open it in the store or "shop" there is a scroll menu slide it down and you will see it
2019-04-17 06:05:55 Iconik
COTTON HEADER:[0]=68.ARAiShmegg62SqtDeA070_N8OEPV29OCyPcTZVxxZz11pYymAc2q20YGZOhWeKjHFaR20hGJy9wrsSKZj6x3b8UAvXTWMyWzMMYQNHzcnkZdwhu0YQLa22GkqTCXBhRH6dcaa-Q2Im9VHDAe7-wAqyq8FgkQL_rzy010jBVr0nkfE1RJ6BlGW0MlC8ayXsiVG7EyewH5uO1lKG1fS8hPZciB__bbtd8JEsYeC0R2M-yE6_BH65URU7jm-BQH1N6GBApszAKBERj_9FRaOFtTu-7FC6QYU2ebVBr-wRdODHRCGphexpTWeDFvTsGvJNXbxMjs0bE0dGG7uOqvHzoWwk9z5USz&__tn__=K-R
2019-04-17 22:36:16 kmulle
@ Iconik I like this combine.. I have large yield so I use large bin . could you turn up unloading speed it takes long time to unload 250000...
2019-04-18 02:50:31 Iconik
@kmulle Yes absolutely, I meant to do that but I forgot. Ive had a few requests for minor details, as soon as the headers are good Ill revisit this with v2

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