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Krone BigX 1180 v1.0

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uploaded 2019-04-14 18:21:03, by John Der33

Crown BigX 1180:
Color selectable
Modified and adapted engine versions:
BigX 1180: 900hp, 41km / h, price: 0 €
BigX 1180 turbo: 1156hp, 50km / h, price: 50000 €
BigX 1180 twin turbo: 1856hp, 58km / h, price: 10000 €
Base price has been reduced to € 320000.


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (2)

2019-04-15 18:09:55 BEAST
2019-04-29 02:35:56 kmulle
I am having trouble with all forage harvesters. The output don't keep up with input so i have an overload of chaff that boggs down the harvester to a stop even though it don't have a tank now i sit there while that extra chaff unloads into trailer,, I know I still get the chaff but it's just not right. is any one else having this problem ?

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