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Kuhn Feeding v 1.0

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uploaded 2020-05-12 18:47:49, by John Der33

The Kuhn feed mixing plant it produces mixed feed for cows, they need grass, silage and straw.
There are 2 silos at the plant which are only decoration!
This plant works only with the Globalcompany Script from version 1.5.0.
There are 3 different sizes.
The small plant
Price: 115000€
Maintenance costs: 20/day
Production: 10000L/hour
Production Max: 30.000L
Raw materials 35.000L straw & grass & silage
The middle plant
Price: 185000€
Maintenance costs: 20/day
Production: 15000L/hour
Production Max: 50.000L
Raw materials 75.000L straw & grass & silage
The large plant
Price: 260000€
Maintenance costs: 20/day
Production: 30000L/hour
Production Max: 100.000L
Raw materials 100.000L straw & grass & silage.
Required Mods:
- GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2020-05-12 19:48:34 Mike (Guest)
Nette idee ABER Silage,Gras,Stroh reicht nicht um TMR zu Produzieren da fehlen noch Kalk und diverse Vitamin und ich kann auch gleich mit Ballen füttern was ich vom prinzip immer tuhe :D. Nette idee wer es brauch gerne ich muss das nicht haben. Desweiteren stören mich immer die platten bei den plazierbaren mods das immer der boden gleich Beton ist. Mais Extension gefällt mir besser

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