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STARA Imperador 2742 v07.10

Rating: 1/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2020-01-31 18:36:04, by JCB Modding

Description: Imperador 2742

This is the Imperador 3.0 with some cool features.  The machine sprays liquid fertilizer and herbicide like the default machine, however rather than just spreading fertilizer, it will spread lime as well(at a wider work width).


Base cost:




10K liquid (herbicide liquid fertilizer)

10K solid (fertilizer lime)


Work width:

Liquid: 27M

Solid: 42M


Drive speed:



Work Speed


Color selectable



-Base 350HP $0

-450Hp $3,000

-550Hp $6,000

-650Hp $12,000

-750Hp $ 18,000


-Base Narrow $0

-Medium $1,000

-Narrow Dual $2,000

-Medium Dual $3,000

-Monster Dual $6,000

- Fixed handling


- Will no longer unload to ground with pallets. 
- Also added the function of overloading to tanks, or tippers.

- You have to switch from the solid and liquid compartment just like you would change tip sides(for example the large or small grain door on a tipper).  

- Also made some color changes.  

- Fixed the display inside the cab to change now.

- The biggest change is that the decals now change color with the base and design colors. (decals are secondary color, numbers/outlines of decal are base  color

Credits: BDBSSB, NcRaiders, Grabby La Toosh

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uploaded by JCB Modding
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